We provide superb and cost-effective solutions so you can focus on what matters most: your clients.

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What We Do
We partner with you to deliver elite underwriting and case management to your clients.

Our technical expertise, poised negotiation and trusted carrier relationships capture the best underwriting classes for you.

Case Positioning

Carrier Negotiation

Medical Underwriting


Financial Underwriting

Non-medical Underwriting

Case Management
Our concierge methodology and proprietary technology solutions get you paid fast and provide a unique insurance acquisition experience.

Preliminary Interview

Informal Application

Formal Application

Medical Requirements

Non-medical Requirements

Policy Quality Assurance Review

Premium and Delivery Requirements

Vios Proprietary Systems

  • VioS Connect

    • Keeps you, your clients and key stakeholders up to date per your preferences.
    • Provides a detailed and dynamic action plan for everyone.
    • Gives you access to all your cases including forms, updates and notes 24/7.
    • Streamlines the new business underwriting process between you, your clients, VioS, carriers and 3rd party vendors.
  • Vios Generic App

    • Provides you and your clients a transparent and simple underwriting data exchange and submission tool.
    • Data is procured only once but can be used for multiple carriers saving you and your client time.
Your privacy as well as your client’s privacy is paramount to the success of our relationship. Please read our privacy policy.

Who We Are
We are not your competition. We are not your BGA's competition. Together, we give unparallelled service to clients.

Peachie Thompson, AALU, ALMI, ACS
Founder and Chief Underwriter

Peachie has a solid reputation of consistently delivering as promised. She trained at the nation's top insurance Home Offices and helped thousands of agents place billions of dollars of life, disability and long term care insurance.

Jack D. Thompson
Chief Information Officer

Jack is in charge of our technology department and is also responsible for creating our proprietary systems such as VioS Generic App® and VioS Connect®

Our Mission

Peachie Thompson founded VioS in 2014. She spent over 17 years in the insurance industry helping insurance agents and distribution channels deliver outstanding underwriting results to clients for life, long term care and disability insurance while running profitable operations.

She saw the need for a cost-effective and expert field underwriting to help agents acquire the most equitable underwriting class for a desired product from the right carrier, without competing with BGAs. She also recognized that she can help solve some of the industry's informal underwriting backlog by providing such services. Today we are doing just that.

Together with Jack Thompson, an avid technology enthusiast, the two developed a methodology that keeps agents in control while providing clients with a unique insurance buying experience: uniting old traditions with innovative technology.

"We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."


Support Team

Iris Buan, RN, BS, MSN

Iris is our nurse on staff that helps with APS summaries.

Jack H. Thompson, Jr., PhD, PA-C

Jack is our Physician Assistant that we consult for complex medical issues.

Chuck DeFilippo

Chuck is our operations and HR consultant.


Peachie’s ability to deliver otherwise unavailable underwriting results is unsurpassed; that she does it sans drama or distraction to The Team is even more satisfying.

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Richard Flah, CLU
President for Flah and Company

While at National Financial Partners, I had the pleasure of working with Peachie in her role as Underwriting & Operations Director at Flah & Company. Peachie is very diligent and precise. She always works with the best interest of the client in mind and has truly mastered the art of the negotiation process.

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Karen Joyner
Managing Partner at Life Trends

Peachie is a talented individual with a keen ability to get things done. She is without question one of the most talented individuals in the insurance business.

Dan Stanley
Chief Underwriter at IPS Advisors

Peachie is the best! While she is detail oriented, she doesn't lose sight of the big picture, which means that she's able to prioritize the things that bring the most value to anyone she works with.

Steve Ambuul
Vice President, Client Development at Asset-Map, LLC

Contact Us
Our pricing accommodates your unique situation including a choice of paying us only if a case is placed.

VioS, Inc

32789 Eiland Blvd. #20
Zephyrhills, FL 33545

Phone: (813) 995-8547
Email: contact@viosolutions.net

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